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Suspension Alignment

The suspension and frame of your car can be greatly affecetd by a collision, and at times it can be disaligned or deformed. We are able to fix such problems via body liners which simply put, pulls your vehicles frame back into its proper form for you to avoid sub-standard repairs and align your suspension back to its normal state.

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Polyurethane Bushings

A unique material that offers the elasticity of rubber with the toughness of metal. Unlike natural rubber compounds, polyurethane offers outstanding strength, long life, and is resistant to abrasion, impact, oils, grease, fuels and ozone.

Increasing the hardness of the suspension bushing improves handling by reducing bushing flex and thus maintaining suspension geometry. However, it does this at the slight expense of ride softness.

Polyurethane is impervious to deterioration from the effects of ozone and is inherently far more wear resistant. Polyurthane bushings are hard enough to eliminate 90% of unwanted suspension deflection, yet remain flexible enough for a firm and quiet ride. These will outlast stock bushings by 2-3 times.

Polyurethane bushings also improve handling by increasing the adhesive limit of the tires. Suspension movement is one of the factors involved in reducing the traction of the tires. Since polyurethane bushings greatly reduce the aformentioned "floating" of many suspension components, you get some extra stick out of the tires.

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