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"In these times of falling peso, rise in fuel prices and failing national economy, our product is relevant if not necessary."


mong the first to go in a brand new vehicle, due to wear and tear and/or accidents, is the suspension system. The suspension system is mainly composed of ball joints, rack end, tie rod end, pitman arm, drag links, and stab links. Said system works as the motion control of the vehicle. Thus, it is subjected to stress when we drive our vehicles. Suspension parts that are already worn out and/or damaged causes difficulty in handling the vehicle, and emits annoying rattling and squeaking noises. When such inevitable occurrence happens, some spare parts need to be replaced with brand new ones, if effective and long lasting repairs are desired.

We are introducing a NEW Innovative technology in repairing your vehicle's suspension problems called the CRUVEN Injectable System. Conceptualized and formulated by Claro D. Cruz, the CRUVEN Injectable System is the newest supreme solution and utmost alternative that we all need in these hardened times in our economy. It is so simple, effective, and best of all, cost efficient that we guarantee you will save up to 70% savings compared to buying brand new spare parts!

The CRUVEN Injectable System is done by boring a very small hole at the base bottom casing where the specially formulated polymer will be injected, creating a new exactly fitted bushing liner inside the named suspension parts. It is like making a figure from a mold while the CRUVEN shock absorber repair system is completed by attaching an access air valve to the cylinder of the shock absorber. The shock fluid is replaced with a new one and Nitrogen gas is then added through the attached valve.

Apparently, Nitrogen gas is inert by nature and has a very stable compression pressure. The Nitrogen gas serves as the damper controller of the shock fluid during pumping. Consequently, it creates more traction and control for the vehicle. Fluid type shock absorbers can also be converted to gas type. This repair is done with systematic method (measured fluid) and nitrogen added through pressure gauge.

To sum up, we dare you to venture into this latest technology and experience a new hassle-free method in repairing your vehicle's suspension system. Not only do we reassure you of approximately seventy percent (70%) savings as to the cost of buying brand new spare parts, we at CRUVEN also pledge that this system offers relatively the same quality, results and performance compared to brand new spare parts replacement! Best of all, we grant a warranty of 6 months for your injectable shock absorber repairs, as well as a full one year warranty for your injectable suspension rebuilding system so we can provide you the best benefit that you deserve.

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